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1. Use of the Website
Contents on the website of China National Chemical Engineering Co.,ltd(CNCEC) (hereinafter called the website) will be used only for your personal purposes instead of any commercial purposes. The copyright and other ownership declaration included in the contents should be respected and used legally. If contents on the website have not been declared, it does not indicate that the website have no rights to the contents or does not assert any rights. You should respect the legal rights of the contents according to the principle of good faith and use them legally. You are not allowed to rectify, duplicate, demonstrate publicly, publish or distribute these materials in any way or use them for any public or commercial purposes in other ways. The action of applying these materials to any other websites or flat media or cyber computer environment in any purposes is prohibited. The website contents and their editing or any other forms are protected by such laws as copyright law, so any use of the materials of this website without authorization could constitute infringement of copyrights or other legal rights. The trademark, service trademark and marks (collectively called ??trademark?? bellow) used and appeared on this website and relevant link websites are registered or unregistered trademarks of CNCEC and other right holders. Your using or contacting any contents on such websites cannot be explained as you are granted any rights about using these trademarks. Until permitted in written form in advance, you are not allowed to use the trademark of CNCEC in any way. Unless permitted in written form in advance, you are prohibited to use the trademark of CNCEC as the ??heat?? link of any related websites of CNCEC.
If you do not accept or violate the agreement above, your authorization to use this website will terminate automatically and you should destroy any downloaded or printed contents from this website immediately.
2.  Information Distribution
Information on this website is provided in its original form without any additional guarantees such as merchantability, suitability for special purposes, computer virus absence or Intellectual Property Rights infringement free. In addition, CNCEC does not guarantee the accuracy, sufficiency, reliability and integrity of the website information. The contents on the website of CNCEC or the projects, products, services et. introduced in these contents will be changed at any time. Please forgive us for not giving further notice. The contents on the website could also have expired. CNCEC does not promise to upgrade these contents in time. If implication- excluded warranties are definitely prohibited or limited according to applicable laws, then such exclusion terms may not apply to you.
3. About Users?? Submission of Materials
Except for personal identification information, any materials, information or ways of contact (collectively called ??information??) you send or mail to the website will be deemed as non-confidential and non-exclusive. CNCEC will hold no obligation to the information. Meanwhile, unless there is any special declaration, your act of submission will be deemed as approval (or authorization): CNCEC and its licensees can freely duplicate, disclose, distribute, merge or use in any other way the information and all data, image, sound, context and other contents for commercial or non-commercial purposes. While using the website, you shall not violate laws and regulations and public morals, mail or send to or from the website any illegal, threatening, maligning, slandering, obscene, pornographic, state or public security endangering materials or other possibly illegal materials. If someone puts forward definitely proved warning or disagreement to the contents of the information and its effects, the website can delete the information at any time or suspend the surfing of the information for unlimited duration without prior approval of submitter or notice to submitter afterwards. If the situation is serious, the website can take measures to write off the user.    
4. Contents of Communication of Users
CNCEC is not responsible for administering or inspecting the information in any field users send or mail on the website or exchange individually, including but not limited to chat room, bulletin board or other user??s forum and any contents of communication. CNCEC holds no liability to such contents of communication, whether they will lead to maligning, privacy, pornography problems or problems in other aspects. CNCEC reserved the rights of deleting such information or information with other unhealthy contents when they are found.
5. Linking a Third-Party Website
The third-party website links on the website are provided to you just as a kind of convenient service.  While using these links, you will leave the website. CNCEC has not inspected any third-party website, nor does CNCEC have any control on or hold any liability to these websites and their contents. If you decide to visit any third-party website linked to the website, the possible outcome and risks will all be undertaken by yourself.   
6. Liability Limit
CNCEC and its suppliers or any third-party mentioned on the website shall take no responsibility for any damages (including but not limited to damages caused by profit loss, data loss, collateral damage, incidental loss or business suspension based on any reasons), regardless of whether these damages are caused by using or not being able to use the outcome of the website or the information included in any websites linked to the website or any such websites, whether these damages have any guarantee, contract, infringement or any other legal grounds or users get any prior advices that these damages may happen. If the use the information on the website leads to the maintenance, overhaul or rectification of your equipment or data, the fees will be paid by yourself.
CNCEC takes no responsibility under circumstances below:
(1)The transmission of information is initiated by people other than the network service providers (CNCEC and its licensees).
(2) The transmission, routing, provided connection and storage of information are realized by necessary and automatic technical processing and the information is not selected by the network service providers.
(3) Except for making automatic reactions to requirements of others, network service providers do not select the providers and receivers of the information.
(4) Under normal circumstances, the duplicates formed from the intermediary or temporary storage of information of the system or network of network service providers will not be obtained by people other than scheduled receivers and the time of reservation is no longer than the reasonable time prerequisite for providing the transmission, routing or connection of information for scheduled receivers to obtain them. 
(5) The contents of information transmitted through the system or network are intact.
If exclusion or limitation of incidental or collateral loss is not allowed according to applicable laws, then such limitation or exclusion terms may not apply to you.
7. General Principle
CNCEC may remedy these clauses at any time. You are suggested to visit this website as often as possible to find out current terms because they are closely related to you. Some articles in this clause may be replaced by designated law announcements or clauses on some web pages in the website. You should know about their contents. Once this clause is accepted, it implies that you have read carefully and accepted these cited or replaced clauses.
8. Law of PRC shall apply to any dispute caused by this declaration or by using this website .
9. Any dispute caused by this declaration or by using this website shall be solved through negotiation. Otherwise and agreed by both parties, the dispute shall be solved through lawsuit in court where our company is located.
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