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  China National Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd (Abbreviated as CNCEC) is a share holding company sponsored principally by China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation in combination with Shen Hua Group Corporation Limited and Sinochem Corporation. Receiving structure portfolios and excellent enterprise culture from China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation is an engineering company possessing of complete qualifications, all-inclusive functions and integrated business lines, as well as exploiter and leader in Chinese industrial field.


Long history China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation is a large comprehensive corporation directly administrated by the State Council of China. The history of CNCEC can be traced back to the Heavy Industry Design Institute and the Construction Company which were founded by Ministry of Heavy Industry in 1953, and she was registered in the Bureau of Industry & Commerce Administration in 1984 under the name of China National Chemical Engineering General Company and was renamed as China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation in 2005; and in Sep, 2008, CNCEC was created by China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation joining with Shen Hua Group Corporation Limited and Sinochem Corporation by contribution of  CNCEC has productive assets and corresponding liabilities in relation with domestic and abroad engineering contracting, research of process technology, service businesses of design engineering, prospecting and environmental treatment.

Powerful strength CNCEC is the earliest industrial engineering company in China specializing its business and matching it with market, as well as  technology condensed international engineering construction company by integration of prospecting, design, construction and investment, conducting nine prospecting design engineering companies, nine construction companies and one overseas power plant, CNCEC has business scope is engineering contracting, research of process technology, prospecting and related services in domestic and overseas market in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutics, power, coal, construction and infrastructure. CNCEC has been promoted gradually in the rank among 500 Strongest Enterprises in China, respectively ranked the 157th, 137th, 131th and 126th, in the year of 2005.2006.2007 and 2008. CNCEC has been listed in ENR(American Engineering News Record) 225 global biggest entrepreneurs since 1995 and also ranked the 12th among 60 strongest contractors in 2007 assessed by <China Architecture Times>.

Technical Leadership CNCEC has won 874 prizes awarded by the State and the provincial department,  possessed 189 engineering techniques, 106 patents and 58 technical know-hows, as well as licensed technology of renewable energy products that have been industrialized, like methanol for petroleum, silicon material for solar energy etc. In 2006, CNCEC entered into the line of pilot enterprises for Technical Innovation; in 2007, was appointed by the National Ministry of Science and Technology as the Chairman of National Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation of Coal Chemistry; in 2008, became one of the first lot  of innovative enterprises of the State. 

Excellent Service CNCEC has matched herself with progressive international project management procedure, practice and methods as well as advanced production management software with capability of global procurement,  project financing and commercial standing. CNCEC can also provide comprehensive engineering services like EPC, PMC, BLT, BOT, BOOT etc to clients throughout the whole project life from project planning, consulting, financing, engineering, procurement and construction to commissioning and start-up. 

Outstanding Achievement We are strategy-oriented in line with Engineering Basing, Technology Leading and Financing Supporting . In the past 50 years, CNECE accomplished most of the projects in China in the areas of chemical, oil refinery, power plant, civil building, municipal, water treatment, environment, pharmaceutical, textile etc. CNCEC has estalished a lot of Chemical and Petrochemical Bases including Jilin, Dalian, Taiyuan, Nanjing, Lanzhou and Urumqi for forming a solid basis of the national industrial system. CNCEC has made significant contributions to the improvement of petrochemical industry and national economy development. CNCEC has been a pioneer to explore the business of exportation of complete mechanical equipment driven by the overseas engineering general contracting. CNCEC has business footprint has spread into more than 40 countries and its core competence has made CECEC a world famous brand.

Rich Human Resources CNCEC has established a reasonable HR hierarchy comprised of high qualified staffs including 1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 National Prospecting Master, 7 National Engineering Masters, 338 experts obtaining the special subsidy from the government and 22 young technical management experts. Among all the professionals, there are 885 senior engineers and 3,834 deputy senior engineers. Among all the skilled workers, there are 214 senior technicians and 1,334 technicians. It has an integrated team incorporating the talents in the areas of petrochemical, coal-chemical and gas chemical industries.

Comprehensive Qualifications    CNCEC has possessed 2 subsidiaries with integrated Grade A Qualification of Design Engineering, 7 subsidiaries with Grade A Qualification, 8 Qualifications of Grade A for Prospecting and Engineering in all industries, 31Grade A Qualifications of General Contractor for Construction and 50 Grade A Qualifications of professional Contractor for Construction.

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