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Welcome to visit our website. Thanks for your trust and support.

Just like pragmatists turning imagination into real, we engineers take responsibilities to turn scientists’ talent innovations and designers’ schematics into driving forces of human progress.

Our life is closely bound up with chemistry as chemical products constitute the world. Chemical engineering is the connection between laboratory-scale chemistry research and industrial production. With the advancement of chemical engineering, human beings evolved from agrarian age to modern industrial age and are achieving more.

As the largest comprehensive chemical engineering enterprise in China, CNCEC has over 60-year honorable history and has been devoting our efforts in Chinese industry growth and expansion. More than 70,000 chemical plants have been accomplished by us in over 50 countries. These plants and products keep providing people better life. We recognize our core values and responsibilities, which construct our consistent productive forces and encourage us to open to all business cooperators throughout the world. We believe sincere collaborations could bring mutual benefit and contribute for global development.

CNCEC, Creating Better Life!